The Purpose of this Blog

199 years ago tomorrow (June 24, 2011), Napoleon launched his invasion of Russia.  The campaign ended in disaster and an army 500,000 strong was reduced to 20,000.

This blog is to follow the progress of the campaign on the various anniversaries.  For this year, the 199th anniversary, I will mostly concentrate on the retreat which started from Moscow in October.  In 2012, I plan to cover the whole campaign.

The focus will be on the common soldier.

4 responses to “The Purpose of this Blog

  1. What a wonderful, educational, blog. Note my recently published book on Tsar Alexander I’s secret project to construct a hydrogen-filled rotor-wing powered aerostat to drop timed-fuse explosives on Napoleon and his soldiers during the 1812 invasion. Title is GEORGE ANTON SCHAEFFER: Killing Napoleon from the Air. See Lee B Croft.

    • Thank you for reading the blog.
      I’ve never heard of Alexander’s project to employ an airship against Napoleon, but you’ve written a book on it! Sounds fascinating. I wish you the best of success with your book.

  2. BRAVO et MERCI, ce blog est de trés bonne qualité.

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