The 200th Anniversary of Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia

This is a blog about Napoleon’s 1812 invasion of Russia using eyewitness accounts to describe the experience of those who were there.  As closely as possible, I will match the accounts with the date that they happened, 200 years ago.  I’ll put in some of the strategy to give context, but mostly, this blog focuses on the dust, heat, lack of food, poor medical care, disease, illness, foraging, the cold, improper uniforms, snow, terror of the enemy and countless other concerns that make up the lives of a soldier on campaign.  In this case, Napoleon’s 1812 Russian campaign.

Crossing of the Nieman, June 1812

As a start, I began this blog a year ago and made posts on the 199th anniversary of the campaign.  My source material is limited so I’m looking for guest posters who can fill in the gaps with descriptions of what it was like for the soldiers during the campaign.  If you have obscure source material or perhaps a diary that has been passed down through the family (and you can translate it into English), please let me know so the story can be incorporated into this blog.

If there is enough participation, we’ll have a resource where people can go to see what the soldiers were experiencing on this date in history on the Russian campaign.

I can be reached at

4 responses to “The 200th Anniversary of Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia

  1. It is great that you have started this blog Scott. I have been following it as an unofficial ‘follower’ since I came across it a few months ago.
    Are you interested in wargaming? If so, you may be interested in a ‘community’ blog that I have put together to provide a record, through links, to games that Napoleonic wargamers around the world have staged/are planning for the bicentennial years (
    I look forward to reading your further posts.

    • Thanks for the comment, James. I did see your blog a few days ago when I saw a visitor had come from your site. I’m not a wargamer. The closest I come is doing American Revolutionary War living history re-enacting. Thanks for following Napoleon in Russia. Let me know if you have any eyewitness accounts from the Russian campaign that would be of interest.

      • I will contribute if I can Scott. I am currently re-reading/reading afresh my books on the 1812 campaign. I have finished Dodge’s excellent account and nearly finished re-reading Palmer’s extremely readable book. Austin, Brett-James, Mikaberidze, Spring and Zamozski’s books will follow. These have large sections of eyewitness accounts, but I am sure that you already have quotes from such secondary sources?

      • I don’t have access to Dodge, Austin or Spring. My collection is not very extensive which is why I want to bring in other contributors. Bounce any ideas you have off me.

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