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An Unfortunate Comment

Lieutenant Karl von Suckow serving in the Chasseurs á pied of the Württemberg Guard recalled a dinner given to brigade commander General Ernst von Hügel near Stuttgart before the start of the Russian campaign: “The General warned us to have no illusions on the matter and to prepare ourselves resolutely to meet every eventuality.  One young lieutenant did not share this point of view.  He believed that verything would go well, and he was even thoughtless enough to exclaim:

‘Pooh!  A war against Russia!  The prospect worries me no more than eating a slice of bread and butter!’

At these words the General replied in a grave tone of voice:

‘All right, Lieutenant.  When the occasion arises, I shall not fail to remind you of the slice of bread and butter.’

He kept his promise.”

Source: 1812, Antony Brett-James