The 200th Anniversary of the Invasion of Russia Begins

200 years ago today, Napoleon’s Grande Armée crossed the Nieman river on pontoon bridges to launch the invasion.  Each man carried three days of

Napoleon Crossing the Nieman
June 1812

provisions and the expectation of a short, decisive campaign.  I doubt anyone had any idea how disastrously things would turn out.

This blog aims to capture the invasion through the eyes of the soldiers who lived it and to relate that experience as closely as possible to the 200th anniversary of its occurrence.   Having said that, I am about to leave on a trip to France and will be unable to make any posts until I return in the first week of July.

Napoleon Crossing the Niemen
Commemorative 1912 Russian
Candy Box Card

In the meanwhile, I encourage you to look back to the posts I made one year ago, the 199th anniversary.  I also suggest you buy a copy of my work of historical fiction about the invasion: Russian Snows: Coming of Age in Napoleon’s Army.  The book aims to show what the conditions were like for the ordinary soldier on the campaign.  The book is available through the Russian Snows website and through Amazon (paperback and Kindle) as well as Barnes & Noble (Nook).

As always, I welcome contributors as guest bloggers who can blog about conditions on the campaign.  Contact me at to make arrangements.

Thank you for reading ~ Scott Armstrong

Image and translation of Commemorative 1912 card provided by Alexey Temnikov

2 responses to “The 200th Anniversary of the Invasion of Russia Begins

  1. I’m glad that folks are also talking about the “Other War of 1812,” as I might say. A tip of the hat to you, sir. I’d love to hear more about the experience of the everyday soldier in Le Grande Armée- it’s a side to the story we often don’t get to hear. By the way, where can one find a copy of Suckow’s account? I haven’t been able to lay hands on one.

    • Thank you for following the blog. I did a search of Amazon and ebay and was not able to find a copy of Suckow’s account. If anyone has a lead on a copy, post a reply and let us know.

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