Daily Archives: July 7, 2012

Russian Snows at Napoleon’s tomb

I’m back now from a trip to France with my daughter and step-son.  It was a school trip so it was a whirlwind experience without time to see anything in-depth.  Due to a fortunately timed, but unplanned, bathroom break during a bus tour of Paris on the first day, I was able to have myself photographed with a copy of Russian Snows: Coming of Age in Napoleon’s Army at Napoleon’s tomb.

Scott Armstrong with copy of Russian Snows:Coming of Age in Napoleon’s Army at Napoleon’s tomb.
June 26, 2012.

Thank you to my charming and patient daughter, Helen,  for making the hurried tour of the tomb with me and taking the picture before we had to be back on the tour bus.

The book I am holding is the copy I gave to my son, Nathaniel, who did not accompany us on the trip.  He’ll be able to say he has a copy of a book that was in the presence of the Emperor.

Now that I’m back, I’ll begin posting more 200th anniversary accounts of the invasion of Russia.