Monuments at Borodino

I recently saw some photos taken on the field at Borodino by Elena Khonineva who was part of a tour group in July of this year.  With Elena’s permission, I am glad to share them here.

A Grateful Russia
to its Defenders

This monument was built in 1912, destroyed in the 1920’s and rebuilt in 1995.  The architect was S. K. Rodionov.

Kutusov Monument at Gorski

Monument Chief of the Russian armies, MI Golenishchev-Kutuzov at the command post of the commander.  Built in 1912 by the military engineer PA Vorontsov – Sonya.  Located on a hill in the center of the village of Gorki on the main observation post commander. From the top of the hill is easily visible position of the Russian troops in the day of battle.

The obelisk is red granite topped bronze soaring eagle, holding in its claws gilded laurel wreath – a symbol of victory. On the front edge gold bright sword, aiming point up – terrible warning to the conquerors. Below – a niche with a bronze bas-relief, which depicts MI Kutuzov

Plaque from the base
of the Kutusov monument

issuing commands. Above the bas – words from the report of the commander Alexander I of the results of the battle of Borodino, “The enemy is reflected in all areas.” On the back side of the monument text: “From Field Marshal Mikhail Illarionovich Golenishchev – Kutuzov led troops in battle at p. Borodino August 26, 1812. ”

Monument to the French


This monument near Shevardino redoubt was made in 1913 on the site of Napoleon’s command post on the day of the Battle of Borodino. P.P.Besvilvalde architect. The monument was created, brought and placed on the French, with the consent of the Russian government in memory of the Napoleonic soldiers, officers and generals who were killed at Borodino on September 5-7 1812.

Monument to
3rd Infantry Division

The monument to the 3rd Infantry Division of General P.P. Konovnitsyn (built by architect A. Godunov 1912) on the grounds of the Borodinsky Savior Convent, which was built on Bagration’s fleches from 1839-1859.

Main Monument
to the Russians

This monument is on the site of the Raevsky redoubt.

Monument to Russian
27th Infantry Division

Monument to the 27th Infantry Division of General D.P. Neverovsky (1912).

Memorial to Russian
4th Infantry Division
of General Y E Vyutembergsky

Borodino Mile Marker

Thank you to Elena Khonineva for providing the photos (except for the Main Monument and the French monument) and some of the descriptions.

If any readers have more information on any of the above monuments, or others, please let me know and I will be happy to update this post — Scott Armstrong

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