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An Escape from the Cossacks

Philippe-Paul de Ségur wrote an interesting account of an incident that occurred on the road from Orsha to Borisov.

“The twenty-second of November found us toiling along the road from Orsha to Borisov, between a double line of giant birches, through melted snow and deep liquid mud in which the weak got drowned, and which trapped and held as prisoners for the Cossacks those of the wounded who, believing that the frost had definitely set in, had exchanged their carts for sledges or sleighs at Smolensk.”

Old Guard Does Not Give Up
Commemorative 1912 Russian
Candy Box Card

“In the midst of this general decay and discouragement an action of antique grandeur stood out.  Two marines of the Guard had got separated from their column by a band of Cossacks who seemed bent on their destruction.  One of the marines lost heart and was about to give himself up, but the other shouted to him that if he committed this act of cowardice, he would kill him.  and he did: when he saw his companion throw his musket away and put up his hands, he shot him down in the very arms of the Cossacks.  Then, taking advantage of their surprise, he quickly reloaded his musket which he kept leveled on the bravest of the band as he walked backward, stealing from tree to tree, and so succeeded in rejoining his company.”

Napoleon’s Russian Campaign, Philippe-Paul de Ségur, p 228

Commemorative 1912 Russian candy box card image and translation provided by Alexey Temnikov