Scott Armstrong at the re-enactment of Yorktown in 2006 - the 225th anniversary

Scott Armstrong

The historical fiction novel, Russian Snows: Coming of Age in Napoleon’s Army, is the inspiration for this blog.  In the story, Scott has created a picture of what it would have been like for a boy in Napoleon’s army during the ill-fated Russian campaign.  Drawing on a lifetime of American Revolutionary War re-enacting, travel through Europe, and extensive reading on a wide range of topics, especially history, he has the background and love of history to bring this story to life.

Scott as Lauzon Legionnier, Les Invalides, Paris, 1983

A history major in college, he first became interested in Napoleon’s invasion of Russia while taking a course on the French Revolution.  Inspired by his teenage daughter, he successfully completed NaNoWriMo in 2010.  His goal was to write a story that would appeal to boys and girls as well as one he could read to his daughter and son ages 15 and 10.  The result was Russian Snows.

Scott is the publisher of a family activities and resource guide called Parents’ Source.  He grew up doing living history activities with his family and even met his wife during the re-enactment of the siege of Savannah.  They both later participated in a parade in Paris on the Champs Elysée as part of a re-created French regiment during a commemoration marking the end of the American Revolution.

This blog is dedicated to telling the story of what the soldiers experienced during the Russian campaign by using the words of the eyewitnesses.

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  1. Hi, Scott,
    Nice blog, and I hope you do well with your novel. I learned about it on one of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel threads. I’m currently writing a novel told from Napoleon’s point of view and blog at http://www.findingnapoleon.com. If you haven’t read (or listened to it) yet, I recommend The Diary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier by Jakob Walter. It’s the actual diary from a real soldier from that time and it’s also available on Audible.com. Take care!

  2. Hi Scott

    Nice site. I’m the editor of the Faber du Faur book published back in 2001. Glad to see du Faur getting some of the attention he deserves.

    I’ll add a link to your site to my new site (www.jpnorth.co.uk).


  3. Dear Scott,

    Just came across your site while doing further research for a creative documentary film we have in development, ‘Napoleon’s Lost Imperial Gold’.

    We are interested in reaching out to potential expert commentators to use in our film, which will be focused around an archaeological dig near Vilnius where Napoleon’s ‘Imperial Tresor’ was looted in December 1812.

    We’ve just completed an initial archaeological survey and have identified the precise route Napoleon’s men took at the site.

    Further details about our project and the dig can be found at our IndieGoGo crowd funding site here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/napoleon-s-lost-imperial-gold-film-history/x/15078525#/

    (currently being updated as we’ve just finished the site survey yesterday) and here at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NapoleonsLostGold/

    Would be pleased to hear from you,

    Nick Holdsworth
    Holdsworth Films Ltd
    Bristol, UK

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